When choosing how to break up your marketing spend over that various forms of tools at your disposal, it can be difficult to find the best options that will bring in the biggest “bang” for your buck but also won’t take your entire budget. Though not for every business, yard signs have always been a lucrative option that has a relatively low cost and can help achieve your marketing campaign goals. Yard signs are still an option that a lot of business end up using because of the large spectrum of prospective customers that they reach and the benefits that I’ve laid out below:

Targeting Where Your Customers Are

A big part of any marketing campaign is making sure that you’re targeting the correct customers. It is futile to marketing your business to the wrong type of person that has no interest or need for your product or service, so doing some form of research into who the customer is is very critical. With that research, you’re bound to learn where your customers live/spend time at; which is what yard signs are perfect at doing. Location-based marketing.

Once you’ve nailed down some areas throughout town where your customer spend time, that is exactly where you need to be putting your yard signs. Strategically placing your signs with a little bit of research gives your signs that best chance at making an impact and help drive ROI through views of that sign by your target customers.

Establish or Grow Your Brand

No matter how long you’re business has been opened for, all businesses want/need to grow. No growth can quickly lead to the closure of your business, so any tactics that are available to you that will aid in the growth of your business is critical. There are a bunch of options out there, and not surprising, yard signs are one of them.

If you’re in an industry like lawn care or home improvement, yard signs achieve multiple benefits for you; building your brand/name AND providing future customers with examples of your work (a highly sought-after thing a lot of customers want).

With this in mind, make sure both your sign and your work are pristine examples of your professionalism. The last thing you or your customers want is a cheaply made sign taking the focus away from a perfectly manicured yard. Use a quality printing service that lets you fully customize your signs in any shape, color, and size you choose in order to match the look you’re going for.

Increase Your Referrals

Referrals from existing customers are an ideal way to gain new customers. The downfall is that getting customers to refer your services can take additional effort. Even if they are fully satisfied with your services, they may forget to pass on the good word as time goes on. Yard signs make it easy for customers to refer others by letting the sign become a stamp of approval on your work. Neighbors can easily approach your customer to ask about the services provided. People will see your name every time they drive or walk by, keeping your business top-of-mind.

Instant Word of Mouth

While it is always important to target customers through a variety of advertising efforts, word-of-mouth (WOM) advertising ranks in the highest importance.

A recent study by Nielsen shows that offline WOM has a more significant impact on buying outcomes than social media. Each time a customer agrees to let you market your work with a yard sign on their lawn, they are automatically passing on excellent WOM to their friends and neighbors. Additionally, you’ll earn added credibility when they see the results of your work first-hand.