Bringing your booth to a trade show is a great way to get attention and grow your business. If you’ve been to a trade show, you likely have memories of generic booth after generic booth. So how can you stand out at the trade show? In addition to eye-catching trade show banners from an online banner printing company, there are many ways to make your booth stand out.


Focus on Making Your Booth Unique

Trade shows are a great investment that can generate lots of attention and new customers for your business. Your investment in your booth is the first place to start when planning your trip to the trade show. Prioritize versatility when you design your booth. When your booth can be adapted to fit into 10×10 or 20×20 spaces, you’ll save money while still having a unique, stand out design. Use vinyl banners of differing shapes and sizes. The first thing people will see is the shape and features of your booth, so grab people’s attention from a distance. Use visually stunning details. Likewise, make sure your designs convey what your business is about.

Win Hearts With Promotional Items

Lots of people look forward to trade shows for the swag giveaways. This is a great way to create excitement for your products and services. Your promo items need to be just as exciting as your business. People don’t remember the company with the cheap pens.

The key to your promotion giveaway is having a quality and unique item. Design several different promotional items you can give away. Have some big prizes to give away to special prospects, or as prize for the activity in the next tip. On the other hand, make sure you’ve got plenty of inexpensive (not cheap) items to give out to everyone.

Use Games to Engage Attendees

People love interactive booths. If your booth has a game, and the booths next to you only have brochures and displays, you’ll always have people in your booth. Your game needs to be fun and gets people excited. If you’re holding raffles and bingo, you won’t get the engagement you want.

If you’re putting on games at your booth, you’re also creating a great chance to collect contact information. By having attendees sign up to play your game, you can build a great list.

The type of game you choose to offer is only limited to your creativity. You could have a golfing style game, or a darts game, or anything you want. If your game is fun, is done well, and above all has attractive prizes, everyone will be talking about your booth. Vinyl banners that showcase your prizes are a great way to get attention for your game.

Add Humor to your Booth

The purpose of going to a trade show is to get attention for your business. People love talking about things they found funny. If you add humor to your booth, people will talk about it with their friends. Have your presenters crack jokes, make the messages on your vinyl banners funny. These steps will have people talking about your booth even after they leave.

Don’t Forget Technology

Today, technology is part of everything we do. This applies to trade shows as well. Use digital signs and interactive displays to augment your vinyl banners. People love to touch screens, and this is a great way to get attendees engaged and learning about your product.