Gone are the days of predictable, static signage. Digital printing professionals have revolutionized the way we consume print messaging in today’s technologically-driven world, and the results are worth buzzing about. From leading-edge placements to innovative designs, these 2020 sign trends are taking consumers on an unexpected brand dive that they never knew they even wanted and we’re here for it. Read on for a list of our top 5 favorite trends to get behind this year.

Charging Stations

We are attached to our phones, and when the battery starts to die, eyes start to fly trying to find the nearest outlet. Why not capitalize on the opportunity to gain that visibility with charging station signage? Providing consumers an added convenience that everyone can appreciate is a great way to engage with your audience and earn their future business.  These can be wall-mounted or set up as a floor stand to fit into any environment, and packaged up in a fully customizable encasement to match your brand. For best results, pick areas with more leisurely traffic such as waiting rooms, restaurant booths and lounge areas.

Class It Up with Au Naturale Materials

Aesthetic is the name of the game when it comes to the design and feel of your signage, and natural materials are in for the win this year. Incorporating wood, metal, stone and even natural fabric into your signage is a great way to create an effortlessly cozy look that people naturally want to connect with. And because they’re high quality, timeless and vibe with basically any style, there’s no wonder why so many brands are embracing this sign trend with open arms. Add some richness to your trade show display with a rustic backdrop or welcome people into your store with a light and airy exterior sign that makes them feel at home.

Create an Immersive Atmosphere with Die-Cut Facades

Throw up a digitally printed half wall to set the scene or use die-cuts to create a realistic, enclosed environment that people want to stay, explore and lounge in. Facade displays are the next-level way to invite customers to engage with your brand in a unique environment. Design a realistic clubhouse to serve as a fun reading corner in your bookstore or stage a half wall and some furniture to create a conversation area at your next event. When you think out of the box, you can persuade your audience to interact with your brand, on their terms, so it feels completely authentic.

Custom Interactive Displays

Today’s printing technology allows us to explore all kinds of multi-sensory installations that are far more immersive than their traditional counterparts. And being that our lives are fully based off of experiences, it only makes sense that experiential marketing is becoming the driving force for engagement.

Custom interactive displays give you the opportunity to create unique experiences out of almost any marketing initiative. You can add some depth to your loyalty program by using an in-store game board that customers can play for prizes or promote a featured product with a motion activated POP display. The key to these installations is a multi-sensory design that is truly captivating and fun to explore.

Show Them the Way with Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are large visuals that you can place around your business to help your customers find their way. You can guide them to a specific product or service that you want to promote, notify them about an ongoing or upcoming event or simply use them as wayfinders to direct people to your booth at a trade show event. What we love most about floor graphics, however, is their versatility—easy application and removal, fully customizable and available in both permanent and temporary adhesives.