You may have seen eye-catching yard signs for construction companies, political candidates or even more personal matters such as birthday or graduation celebration. Here are a few benefits of creating a custom yard sign:

Spread the Word
When you are first starting a company, and even after the business has been around for years, it’s important to do some marketing. One way of getting involved is by placing a yard sign on your lawn. Your friends and neighbors will see the sign and want to know what your business is all about. Depending on what your company does, you may also be able to put your signs up on your customers’ lawns. For instance, if you are involved in construction, it is a great idea to make signs to put up during the building process. This way, passersby can see your product (the building you are constructing) to get a feel for what you offer, and then they can call you for an estimate when they see your contact information on the sign.

Have you ever taken a walk through a neighborhood and seen signs for schools on people’s yards? They say things like, “Proud family of a St. Michaels student.” or “A C.R.E.S. honor student lives here!” When people are proud of something, they are happy to share this information with the world. If your clientele loves the work you do, they will be happy to add your custom yard signs to their lawns.

Gain Customers
When someone sees your sign they may want to contact you to do business. It’s important that the sign features your contact information so they can get ahold of you easily. Include your company telephone number and possibly an email address. Also add your website URL so those who want further information can look you up on the Web.

Show Loyalty
Let’s say you’re a dentist and you’ve opened up a practice that is aimed at families in the area. Perhaps you have an appointment where you do checkups on two children and then fill the cavities their parents have. If you provided a good experience, the mom and dad may be willing to host one of your signs in their yard.

Consider coming up with a catchy slogan to really stick in people’s heads, like, “Our teeth are clean thanks to Mr. Sheen!” If you want the signs to be in your patients’ yards, you may decide to write the slogan from their point of view, like the one above. Think of your audience, as well. Do they have kids? If so, aiming the phrase at parents may help you gain business. When you give a customer a good experience, he or she may be willing to show his or her loyalty to your business and share his or her positive experience with friends and neighbors. Word-of-mouth marketing (that can be started because of your sign) is often better than any social media posts or paid advertising.