What do you do when the numbers for your company start to trail downward? What about when you’re not getting the attention you used to get from prospective customers, or when you start to realize that your advertising looks a bit generic and old-fashioned?

Clearly it’s time to rebrand.

Rebranding breathes new life into a company. It makes existing customers sit up and pay attention and attracts the interest of new customers. A new logo, a new look, even a new name — all of these can part of a successful rebranding effort that takes your business into the future.

Take a look at these tips to help your rebranding efforts succeed.



Printed materials are at the heart of your rebranding efforts. Whether you rely on letterhead, postcards, or flyers to reach clients and prospective customers, you’ll need to stock up.

Start by thinking of the large-format print materials that you use to drive traffic at conventions or other events. All your signage will need to be changed to reflect your new look and logo, so take a walk around your office or retail location to note just how many places your current branding appears.

When you’re rebranding, you want to handle the changeover smoothly, switching to your new look simultaneously across all channels. That means it’s important to have a complete list ahead of time of all the replacement materials you need — and it’s also time to start thinking about more than just replacements.



It’s easy to swap out all your current printed materials with updated versions of the same thing. But rebranding allows you to do so much more. Think about the marketing approaches that didn’t even exist when you were establishing your original look. This is the perfect opportunity to expand your printing footprint into new areas.

What if you offered branded charging stations at your convention or trade show booth, for example? Now you’re offering a reason for visitors to hang around, surrounded by your brand and your salespeople.



Of course, your new logo should shine at the top of your letterhead. But if you really want to attract attention to your company’s rebranding, you need to be noticed. That’s where large-format printing comes in.

Window art, retail displays, banners, exterior signage and more help your customers recognize your business and make them want to learn more about what you offer.

Large-format materials are ideal for conveying bold images that attract attention and stand out in a world filled with text. Whether you’re launching new products or drawing attention to your new logo, these larger marketing and advertising materials get seen.

And thanks to the versatility of modern large-format printers, you can print on anything — vinyl, PVC, and fabric in addition to paper — which means your message and your brand can travel anywhere to attract new customers.

As your company evolves, rebranding helps you stay competitive in your marketplace. By planning your launch strategy comprehensively, you can extend your outreach while reminding current customers what drew them to your brand in the first place.