7 Reasons to Use Direct Mail For Your Holiday Campaign

While you might think of direct mail as an antiquated medium, technology and automation have brought new life to the channel. Here are some reasons why direct mail is a great option for your next holiday campaign:

  1. Provides a strong ROI to marketers
    Studies find that marketers get the best results with direct mail, across all engagement types.


  1. Cost efficient
    Digital channels have competitive pricing structures which can be affected by seasonality. Direct mail has consistent pricing, all year long.


  1. Stronger recollection
    Because direct mail is a physical form of communication, it stands out as being more memorable and elicits a stronger response from audiences.


  1. Compliments other channels
    While direct mail shows strong results on it’s own, it offers compounding results when implemented in an omnichannel campaign.


  1. Faster production and delivery times
    Technological advancements have transformed direct mail, making it an increasingly responsive and timely channel.


  1. Expansive reach
    All demographics resonate well with direct mail and ad blockers wont prevent your message from being received.


  1. Provides a lasting impact
    The average piece of marketing mail is kept for 17 days. Having a longer self life can increase your impression and conversion rates.