Window graphics are a cost effective and creative way to promote your business.  Studies show that 50% of most retail and food purchases are made on impulse. On a daily basis, compelling and attractive window graphics can dramatically increase foot traffic and help raise top-of-mind awareness for customers who drive or walk by your business. Window graphics are relatively inexpensive and can be easily installed, removed, or even reused with very little experience or labor costs. Think of your windows as your personal billboard, attracting customers 24/7 while creating branding and allowing you to stand out amongst the competition. The video below is a step-by-step guide to installing your own custom made graphics from DocuMart.

Static clings are made from a thin plastic film that “clings” to different surfaces with static electricity; they will cling to smooth surfaces, typically glass, but also plastic and metal. There are several different materials available with each having it’s own unique application. One option is printing on a white material; this allows for the most vibrant colors because there is a white base for the colors to be printed on.  A second option is printing on a clear material;  this clear material will allow light to pass through and allow you to see through the graphic slightly. The graphics can be printed on multiple devices, each offering unique application features.  After the graphics are printed and cut in our large format department, they are instantly ready to be installed.

It is important to prep the windows for installation; dirt is the enemy. Before applying the clings to the window, the glass must be completely clean; any dust, grime, or residue on the window may prevent the clings from sticking. Clean the side of the window where you wish to apply the clings using your favorite glass cleaner or equal parts vinegar and water. Wipe the cleaning solution off with a lint-free cloth such as microfiber to ensure there is no leftover residue from the cleaning product.  Window clings adhere best to wet surfaces. Pour some water into a spray bottle, along with a small drop of liquid dish soap. Place the lid on the bottle and swirl the bottle to mix the soap in. Spray the area of the window where the cling will go, and then quickly peel the cling from its backing paper and smooth it over the wet glass. Squeeze the water out from beneath the graphic with a small squeegee, working from the center outward. Pat the glass and decal with paper towels to absorb excess moisture.   If a portion of the graphic begins to curl, lift up the curling edge, spray some more water on the window, and apply the graphic back to the window.  Then, again, squeeze the water out from beneath the graphic with a small squeegee, and pat down any excess water.  Window graphics are best applied in the morning, due to the fact that excessive heat will cause the graphic to expand and stretch. Follow these steps for perfect window graphics every time!