With the presence of the digital world all around us, is it still important to have a well-designed brochure? The answer is yes. Along with your website, social networking, advertising, and marketing efforts, a company brochure is an integral part of your branding process.
It’s a vital piece of literature about your products and services that a potential customer can take with them. A brochure keeps the face of your business in their hands – and in their heads. It is a reminder of your services. Here are some key advantages of having a brochure for your company or business:
• A well-designed brochure serves as a perfect introduction to your business.
• Accurately distributed, brochures can expand your company’s visibility.
• Brochures are great marketing tools when reaching out to new customers.
• Brochures can provide positive press about your company.
• Brochures are perfect for trade shows and networking opportunities.
I’d also point out the importance of having the right kind of brochure. A badly designed brochure can say as much about your business as a well-designed one can so be sure it sends out the exact message you want. A skilled graphic designer will work with you in creating just the right look with the right words that will reach the right audience – the one you wish to reach.
• I always tell my customers to keep it simple. You want a persuasive design with visuals, along with bullet points of brief copy that will create interest – not paragraph after paragraph of text. Too much content and your potential customer will put the brochure down and read no further.
• Be sure the copy in your brochure communicates a positive message about your company – one that proves your success and will make people want to use your services.
• Include a brief introduction. Providing a little information about why you’re passionate about what you do will draw customers in.
• State exactly what services you provide or what your company does. Make it clear so that people know what they can expect from you.
• Although this is obvious, it’s often overlooked: Make sure your contact information is on your brochure – telephone numbers, website address, email addresses, social media handles, etc.
A well-designed, well-written brochure can help sell your company. If you want to grow as a business and connect with more customers and you don’t have a brochure yet, think about it.