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Variable Data Printing Portland


One of the coolest printing innovations is easily variable data printing or better known as VDP. Variable data printing is the way to collect databases of your clients or potential clients in a creative manner. It is customized using the customized documents on each and every one of them.


Variable data printing allows you to customize the design catered to each and every one of your customers. Using VDP, you’re able to provide your customers with more personal items such as letter and literature with their name, address and information on the created design. This only makes the message more personal and shows the customer you care.


With using variable data printing Portland, companies have noticed that certain customers are more interested in what they have to offer. It doesn’t waste their time or mail space anymore because it’s on a more personal level.


Another great advertising method to using variable data printing is to cover all the parts of the United States and other countries. It’s good to acclimate to seasons when you’re advertising services or products for that particular season. Wherever in the United States or in other countries, it’s best to advertise items for the season that state or country is experiencing at the time. Show the customers what’s available to them during those cold winter days or hot summer days.


Target marketing is crucial when advertising. Of course you want to reach everyone you possibly can, but pick certain groups to target your services and products. Also, it’s very handy and smart to keep an accurate spreadsheet to provide the correct information to the target audience your company is trying to reach and obtain. Some ways to catch easy target audiences is by checking the items and services they purchase on the online store and from the store cards. Sales are a great trigger and source to pull in certain target audiences. The online store is able to pull together a list of people who have made certain purchases. This is a great way to send those certain groups reminders of a sale, while making the message more personalized.


The importance of data from your customers and potential customers is just as important as the well-designed brochure or message that you’re sending out to everyone. You can’t start sending out information to random people without having a plan. Without the source of data compiled, it’s hard to hit your client’s wants and needs.


Variable data printing Portland would be more than happy to assist you and give great options for your company to get your message out there and in the correct manner. We want your business to be as successful as it can be. We will help you get there with the staff and technology we offer at DocuMart Portland. DocuMart Portland has vast knowledge of certain concepts that work and don’t work in the business world. The knowledge we hold will help pass the message onto you and your customers.



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