The Size of Political Campaign Signs Matters

Yes! Size matters.  When your sign is competing with a dozen more signs on the lot, you need your sign to stick out and make a bold statement.  This is when a 9×24 sign might not be appropriate. You are going to want to go 24×24 or even 24×32. The bigger your political campaign sign, the easier it will be for people to read as they drive past.

It’s a Big Sign, but Keep the Content Short

You should remember, you are advertising to people moving relatively quickly past your message.  Therefore, the sign should be large, to catch their attention, but the information content should be minimal.  You want the passerby to receive your name and a message in 2 to 3 words at the most. Not sure you can get your message across in 2 to 3 words?  Use as large letters as possible, but make sure to keep it short.

Location, Location, Location

In business, it’s all about location.  Well, in campaign advertising, it’s also all about location.  You need traffic. And as quickly as people forget roadside information, you need to be sure your placement has lots of traffic but also has lots of repeat traffic.  Your sign needs to be seen multiple times by the same voter on multiple days. You can either invest in hundreds of signs, or you can invest in fewer signs at better locations.  High-traffic intersections near frequently visited businesses such as grocery stores, malls, theaters, and schools will provide tremendous exposure. Just be sure to first contact your local zoning commission to ensure that you are not placing your signage in restricted areas.

A Message that Lasts

The political season generally lasts more than a week or two.  So should your political campaign sign. Many signs are made primarily with cardboard and stapled to wooden stakes.  Unless you are campaigning in a dry climate with a little breeze, you might want to consider using materials a bit more durable to the elements. Using corrugated plastic with wire pegs can improve the durability of your signage.  Who knows, you might want to use the same signs again next year.

So, as a general rule of thumb, the bigger the better, but keep it short, right on the spot, and make sure it lasts through the campaign season.  Having picked the right conditions for your campaign sign may ensure the voter picks the right candidate.