DocuMart offers a customizable postcard for every occasion.


Let’s pretend you are in London and you take a perfect picture of Big Ben. You want to send it to everyone you know, but also tell them about your experience.  You can upload that photo onto Printing Garage, add text, and add a note.  Then we can send the postcards to you or directly to your friends and family! It really is THAT easy.


Everyone loves getting friendly mail. A customizable post card company is not only just helpful for travel, but for companies and celebrations as well.  Your business is going to enjoy having postcards for their business for all occasions!


You can take this background, add in your logo and personal phrase, then send it to clients, as marketing or to future prospects. The limits are endless with a postcard.



For instance, your company could send out birthday cards to your clients. This is a personal way to say thank you, and to show them that you care about their personal lives as well!



You can also use DocuMart for your wedding invitations, save the date and thank you cards! We would love to help you with a custom design if you have something in mind.



No matter the occasion, personal, travel, or business, DocuMart is here to help you find a postcard that fits what you’re looking for in a fun and trendy way. We will ship them straight to your home or company. Or if you rather we can send them directly to the door of whoever you need.  Receiving a postcard is s personal way to stay in touch with friends, family and clients. We want to help you continue to grow strong relationships and hold on to the ones you love!


We would love to hear from you. Call if you have any questions, from customizing, to layout or shipping!