Around this time is when we see wedding invites and save the dates. Also all of the material that goes into making weddings happen (place cards, posters, signs, stickers, you name it).


Wedding planning can be a hectic time for the bride and groom as they decide on the wedding venue, colors, receptions and honeymoon. Pre-wedding planning can be difficult for guests as well, especially individuals with busy schedules or for those that will need to travel to attend the wedding.

Printing save-the-date cards give guests the heads up and brief information about the wedding, which can help them plan in advance.

Traditionally, save-the-date cards lists the bride and groom’s name, date of the wedding and the location of the ceremony. This information can help guests to make travel plans, weigh the expenses of the trip and take off work if necessary.

Save-the-date cards are more than just information; they often coincide with the wedding theme and color scheme. Additionally, the design can allow the bride and groom to express what type of wedding ceremony and reception will occur.

All it takes is great paper (we’ll provide you with that!), a creative idea or photo and design (you’ve got plenty of that!). No need for a big budget, either, given our incredibly low postcard prices. After all, aren’t weddings expensive enough?

Save the dates serve the purpose of informing your guests of your wedding date before you send your formal invitation. It’s a great way to ensure your guests have your special day penciled in. They’re also great for those of you who can’t decide between one photo or the next. Just simply use one idea for your informal save the date, and the next for your wedding invite!

Best part is that there’s nothing more economical than printing them on a postcard stock. This is why they tend to pop up on the printing presses quite often during this season.


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