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Carbonless Form Printing Salt Lake City

Did you think carbonless forms were out of date? Not at all! There are certain situations that there is no better way to capture information then to do it with our carbonless form printing Salt Lake City. You will find that things have become smoother over time with the carbonless form products. They transfer better and come apart very easily for you to give out the other copies.


Another name that you may have heard carbonless printing called is NCR form paper. Using these forms are still the way to go if you are in the field and have to make multiple copies for you and your clients. They work great is you need to provide someone a copy of a business transaction, receipt or a quote. These aren’t like the old carbon paper form that would leave more carbon on you then on the paper. These are also very easy to read and transfer well.


This product is also biodegradable and is stain free for your convenience. The forms don’t have to be generic. We can brand them as much or little as you want with your logo, address, tag line or something else that makes your company different than others.


Many people wonder what is No Carbon Required or carbonless printing paper. The paper is actually coated with a substance that transfers information to the following pages when someone applies pressure to the first page. The great thing is that this pressure can be produced by typing, hand writing or even sending it though a printed pressure machine.


There is a special sequence that the pages must follow in order for the copy to go through to each page. The order is (CB, CFB, CF). The first page called CB is the top sheet with a coated back. The sheets in the middle are coated on both the front and back and are called the CFB sheets. Lastly, the bottom sheet is only coated on the front because nothing needs to be transferred any further then that sheet and it’s called the CF.


The great thing is that you can have any number of sheets in the middle or CFB sheets. There are different amounts of pages that you can go up to and that changes with the manufacture. There is usually anywhere from one to six CFB sheets that our clients choose to have inside and there aren’t any problems with the transfer from sheet to sheet.


When you talk to one of our carbonless form printing Salt Lake City team members they will find out exactly what you are wanting to accomplish and they will walk you through the process to see if carbonless printing if the best fit for you. We will take the time to answer all of your questions and concerns that you may have so you are confident that you are making the right decision for your company or if there is a different product that would work better and be more cost efficient for you.


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