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Printing Salt Lake City- Top 3 Services


Printing Salt Lake City- What do you look for in a company that prints on all spectrums? DocuMart has a variety of printing services to choose from.


Across the board, DocuMart printing Salt Lake City offers printing collaterals, specialized marketing tools, mass marketing items and other unique services in order to get those marketing materials noticed and in to your customers’ hands.


The top three printing services people use this time of year are: full color printing, banner printing and promotional advertising.


Full Color Printing


Everything is better in color, right? For the summer, make your posters, vinyl graphics and advertising materials stand out with pops of color. Summer is made for bright colors that shout, “Look at me!” This is what your materials should be doing during these times because they won’t scare anyone away, since summer attracts bright colors, and lots of it.


Full color printing can be placed on anything. When you choose to incorporate color within your business materials, it can influence, attract and increase retention of your customers.


56% of people print in full color printing to show off a professional appearance.


Banner Printing


Bigger is better. Printing in larger scale can sometimes be alarming, but using it correctly will earn you the big points. Our banner printing offers a large scaled print job to stand out, look great, be durable and also be effective.


Banner printing is used for business to attract certain customers to a sale, grand opening or promotion. Others use this service for a birthday, graduation or special occasion. Banners are great because you can add text, color and images to a plain backdrop. Customization is another great quality with the banner printing because if it’s for a special occasion, you can create something on a personal level.


At DocuMart Salt Lake City, we can make any space look great with a customized banner.


Promotional Item Advertising


Brand yourself. In order to get ahead of the game, you need people to recognize your brand and what it is that you do. With our promotional item advertising services, you’re able to place your logo onto everyday items such as coffee mugs, pens, lanyards, shirts and bags.


People who use these typical items every day, will most likely remember who you are by looking at your logo every time they take that sip from their coffee mug or write something down with that handy pen. Promotional items are meant to give out for free at events or when promoting a new service or product. They are to get people excited about what’s coming and what you have to offer. And, who doesn’t like free stuff?


DocuMart Salt Lake City has a lot to offer when it comes to your printing needs. Print small, print large. Place your logo on something portable and fun!


Make this summer full of color and give an item to someone who could turn into a potential client.


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