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Variable Data Printing New OrleansWhat is variable data printing?

Variable data printing or VDP is a way to use computer databases and digital printing to create custom full color documents for your customers. Unlike offset printing where you only have one look and information on every document, variable data printing New Orleans can give each of your customers exactly what they are looking for and need. VDP allows mass customization of all of your documents through digital printing. This has been an enormous win in the printing industry and has really changed the way people advertise.
To give a great example, if someone wanted to print a mailer and they were choosing between digital or offset printing, the mass-production of an offset single document would have the same look for every piece. With variable data printing, someone is able to deliver a different, specific message to thousands of customers that will be able to target them based on their needs and wants.
We have found that the return response for variable data printing is close to ten times the normal return. This number will also depend on how well the data of your customers is and how detailed it is as well. If you are looking for a great way to raise your return on investment, variable data printing can really help your company accomplish that.
There are many different ways you can use VDP to your advantage. The most basic way to use it is to add the customer’s name within the document so it feels more personal and not as generic. This is very similar to using mail merge with your documents. If you want to use variable data printing in a more detailed way you are able to have different information placed in the document that changes for different markets that you are trying to market to. An example would be an ad that will have a focus on colder clothing for markets in the northern United States, and clothing that is more appropriate for warm weather in the south. This type of VDP is called “versioning”. You are also able to get extremely specific with each individual customer and have each document look different for every single customer. Many companies gather information on buying habits of their customers each time they visit their store, and use this data in their variable data printing.
Variable date printing contains static items that will remain the same on every document but can have as many variable items as needed to market to each individual customer specifically. The more specific data on your clients that you have, the more variables you can have on your printing. The static information will be printed on the document first since it will not change and then we are able to print the variable data on top of that information and design.
Need a touch of personal in your message – to thousands of different people? We can handle that! We offer variable data printing with custom text and imaging capabilities. Also known as variable information printing, letters, postcards, and mailers can have a unique message for each piece.
Mass marketing is being replaced by one-to one marketing. The digital universe has made it easier to accumulate data in order to reach customer segments virtually impossible just a few years ago. If you have the data, we have the printing capabilities to customize your specific marketing messages.
We offer variable data printing with custom text and imaging capabilities, when your marketing approach requires individualized targeting. Letters, postcards and mailers can have the unique messaging you require.




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