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Promotional Item Advertising New OrleansDoes your brand extend beyond your print material? It should… We provide products that and put your logo onto everyday objects like pens, coffee mugs, even shirts and bags.

When ink on paper just isn’t enough, we’ll help you reach your customers in other, more creative ways. Branded apparel and promotional products can place your message where your customers live and work.

Your brand lives and works everywhere you do. So when ink on paper isn’t enough, we’ll help you reach your customers in other, more creative ways. Branded apparel and promotional products can place your message where your customers live and work, not just their desktops and bookcases.

Your brand extends beyond print, and we can provide those products wherever your logo appears. From pens and coffee mugs to apparel and merchandising, it can be easily managed through our ordering portal.

How many items do you think we can put your logo on? A hundred? A thousand? Try several hundred thousand! We have no doubt you will find the perfect (or several perfect) items that fit your brand. Choosing the best item that will be used every single day by your customers is hard to put a price on.

Companies are taking advantage of using promotional item advertising every single day. They have found that mailers, brochures and other mailed items are not exactly meeting all their needs with what they are trying to accomplish. This is when companies turn to different ways such as using every day products to get their logo and company seen and remembered. It is also a way to not only get their name in front of customers but this also is a way to get your customers to see your name over and over again depending on what product you place your logo on.

As an example, if you put your name and logo on a coffee mug and someone uses that every day for their morning “pick me up”, then your image will be ingrained into their mind and there is a good chance that when they need your services they will remember you. There is a reason why companies all over the world use this type of marketing – because it works!

If you are raising money for a particular cause, using promotional item advertising is a wonderful way to go. People will be able to donate to a great cause and also get something in return to use and cherish. There are so many items that you can brand, it really is endless. Some common items are t-shirts, hats, posters, bumper stickers, key chains, pens, mugs and so much more. An interesting fact is that wearable promotional products make up the largest category of promotional item advertising. People are also becoming more eco-friendly these days so there is no shortage of those products as well if that is what you are looking for.

The great thing about these products is that you can choose your product based on your target market and how much you want to spend on each person. If you are a wealth management company maybe you will want to spend a little extra on a nice promotional gift for your clients such as wine glasses or a cigar box. You can also stretch your advertising money further and touch hundreds of people with a less expensive item such as hand-sanitize or a soda koozie.

Promotional item advertising is so effective that it is used for the gifts given to the celebrities at award shows so they can get their name out. In these cases they put their company logo on expensive items and is very effective. As you can tell in cases like this there is a great increase in brand awareness for customers to see a product.

Other ways in which promotional item advertising is used is within companies where companies will give out gifts to their employees and add their logo to them as well. You will also see this type of advertising used in large volumes when it comes to political campaigns. Candidates will put their name on everything from teddy bears to tooth brushes because it works. Let our printer New Orleans promotional item advertising expertise take your brand beyond paper!


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