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Yeah, We Do Color.

Full Color Printing New Orleans
When you need Full Color Printing in New Orleans, DocuMart has a wide array of presses — from smaller 1 and 2 color presses to larger 4 and 6 color presses with inline aqueous coating. Short or long runs are not a problem. DocuMart New Orleans offers the right balance of equipment to meet all your needs. There are two main types of full color printing: traditional Press Printing and newer Digital Printing.


It is necessary for people to understand the importance of using color in your work. There is always a time and place that you can use black and white over color, but everyone should know how much color can influence sales and help people remember things easier.


A study by Harris interactive has come across some interesting facts about what color printing can do for you:


56% of people print in full color to exhibit a professional appearance.
25% feel that if they print in color, it will improve their customer retention.
21% print in color to reduce the time it takes to locate information in a document.

But only 13% of people use color to incite the reader to take action, which should be one of the most important reasons to use color in your printing.

76% say that they can find information faster when the document is in full color printing.
69% said they understand new ideas better that are presented in color.


Over half of the people surveyed said that they would be more apt to read a document printed in full color.


Even 43% of people said that they would be more apt to pay a bill on time if the due date was highlighted in color. Of those people 31% said that there would be a better chance to pay the FULL amount if it was highlighted.


There are so many reasons to take the extra step and get your materials printed in color by DocuMart New Orleans at our Baronne Street of Citrus Boulevard location. Again, there is a time and place for black and white, but the savings at times is very minimal so it doesn’t always pay to save a few bucks.


When you choose to use color, it can influence, attract and increase retention of your customers. It really is a great tool to take advantage of for businesses. There are certain ways to use color that you will benefit from the most and we can help you out with that. Next time you are debating if you should spend a few extra bucks on printing in color, look at the statistics above to see what full color printing can do for you.


Offset Full Color Printing New Orleans

For large quantities of high quality prints of business cards, brochures, booklets, catalogs, posters, banners, and vinyl graphics, we have a full range of offset presses to cover all your needs. We can create anything from high quality stationery to high impact sales literature and custom packaging.

Digital Full Color Printing New Orleans

We’re known for being fast, and our digital full color printing is the fastest way to get high quality printing at affordable prices. From black and white document reproduction to short run color brochures, booklets, catalogs, and posters, we have the capacity to get it done quickly – 20 lb. bond to 12 pt. cover.


If you’re looking to make your photos pop off the page, we can add an overprint varnish, also known as a spot varnish, to make that happen. If you want a more modern feel, we can add texture with a “soft touch” coating.

Color Experts


At DocuMart New Orleans, we are color experts for the printer New Orleans area. No matter what project we do for you or your business, you can be sure that the color (as with everything else we do) is spot on. So, what are you needing done in color? Posters, Catalogs, Displays, Vinyl Graphics, Brochures, or Business Cards?


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