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Marketing 101: The Brochure


Brochure Printing New OrleansBrochure Printing New Orleans- Flyers, leaflets, handouts, pamphlets, literature, collateral – call them what you will, we can print them! Brochures are great advertising tools that companies should take advantage of, especially when showing a new customer products or services. Costing only pennies each, when done right, the effectiveness of these is undeniable.

Handing out a brochure with information on your products or services is an important tool to keep your business in front of your customers. If you just need 100 or several thousand, we can make this a worthwhile investment to increase your brand awareness. There are many different styles you can choose from to fit your information and purpose:

Basic Fold / Bi-fold
Accordion Fold
Gate Fold
Map Fold
Parallel Fold
Poster Fold
Roll Fold
Exotic Fold


Even if you don’t have a brochure already designed, our New Orleans printing location at Baronne Street or Citrus Boulevard can take what you have and run with it. Our brochure printing services are run by our qualified graphic designers who will design a beautiful and effective brochure you’ll be proud to hand out.
Brochures are great because they are very compact and you are able to fit a lot of information in them. You will be able to give your message quickly and it will be very cost-effective. Our New Orleans printer brochure services creates a great solution to many of your needs.
Creating a brochure is a great, flexible way to get information to the public. When designing a brochure you will be able to choose all of the graphics that best suit your need and choose how to layout the design to highlight different areas that you want people to notice. You can create your own design or you can let our graphic designers work their magic!
Brochures are a great way to advertise. They are compact enough to take large quantities with you to hand out and they are small enough where people will hold onto them for review later. You can physically hand them out, you can put them on doors, and even place them under windshield wipers on cars. People tend to hang on to brochures more than they do flyers because of the size and shape.
Another great reason to choose our printer New Orleans brochure services is to relay quality information to a potential client without having to be there in person and explaining it yourself. They can read it on their own time and give it more attention. You will also be able to get more information out to the client rather than them trying to leave the conversation that you may be engaged in with them. For example, you are able to target a certain group of people in New Orleans and send them all of the information in a small brochure.

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