We’ve all been there – there’s a printer jam and you’ve opened every cover, twice, and you cannot find the piece of errant paper. It’s frustrating, to say the least. Before you call in for a costly technician to visit, consider using Documart Salt Lake City for all your printing needs. Efficient and cost effective, you’ll never have your blood pressure rise over a freshly refilled ink cartridge showing up as empty. Here are our favorite error messages from around the web. Have you seen anything like these?

No squirrels were injured in the writing of this blog post, I promise.

This may call for more than a technician visit…

radiation leak
Every man and woman for themselves!

It’s like the lunch bully but different and slightly more frightening.

Never again wonder where the tech is to fix your broken printer or suddenly run out of legal sized paper. Here at Documart Salt Lake City we are ready to take on your printing jobs, big or small. Our trained professionals will help you chose the perfect paper and ensure that your printing needs are exceeded.

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