Congratulations! You’ve started a new business! An exciting and somewhat scary adventure! You’ve got something great to offer and there’s a market waiting for you! DocuMart New Orleans would like to help turn your dream into reality. We offer everything involved for your printing campaign. Today we are going to focus on how print collateral can propel your new business onto the next level.

What is print collateral? It is all printed pieces that represent your business. The first, critical piece of print collateral is the timeless business card. Even in this digital age, a great business card can leave a lasting first impression. From there, you may need something physical to leave with a customer to keep your business on their mind. The most common type is a simple brochure or folder. If these are done well, they can impact your likelihood of making a sale.

Large format printing, such as banners, window graphics and signs are very effective marketing tools. Use large format printing to stand out, get noticed and promote your brand! Banner printing has all sorts of uses for your business: trade shows, community events, festivals, grand openings, sales or a big move!

Don’t make the mistake of doing too much too soon. Many times, new businesses invest in large amounts of expensive print collateral too early, just to see it sit on the shelves. Start by simply printing smaller runs digitally to test how they work. Make sure to combine your print efforts with your online efforts, so that your marketing is more measurable.

Print Large, Print Small, Just Print…Print Collateral is a vital component to your business’ success! From business cards to brochures and direct mail to large banners, DocuMart New Orleans can help you set the pace and tone of your printable marketing campaign. Contact us today!