Places to Visit in the Fall

The leaves are changing colors on the trees and the temperature is dropping to a nice cool breeze. Fall weather and scenery are everyone’s favorite because everything is colored in cool earthy tones.
What makes fall so much more enjoyable than any other season? It’s views, especially when you’re standing at the top of a mountain or viewing it from afar. Most people think they must leave the United States to witness breath taking views such as mountains, landslides, and countryside. There are many places within the U.S. that don’t get enough credit for their magnificent views.
Upper Peninsula
Have you ever been to Michigan? Well, it’s one of the most gorgeous state that lines beautiful waters. The Upper Peninsula is one of the best spots to catch the view of the wide-open sea. Not only does the water’s edge give you a breath of fresh air, the drive to it is just as wonderful!
The Poconos
Eastern Pennsylvania is known for its mountainous region that spans about 2,400 square miles. Throughout those miles, you will find gorgeous ponds and back roads that will make you want to drive for days. This part of the state consists of over 120 types of foliage and with the peak season it will change between the different regions.
Columbia River Valley
With the fall colors changing throughout the evergreen and desert, the Pacific Northwest is underrated for its fall season. Columbia River Valley in Oregon displays some of the most quaint and gorgeous waterfalls. Multnomah Falls during the fall time encompasses everything you’d want to lay your eyes on for fall season.
Saving the best for last is Colorado. There is no place like Colorado, especially with numerous snow-capped mountains. Colorado is filled with tiny resorts to hike and stay within these beautiful mountains. The foliage doesn’t get much better than a Colorado setting with greens, oranges, yellows and the wide-open skies.
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