With everyone back to school, Louisiana kicks off their annual Seafood Festival this weekend.

Labor Day Weekend for New Orleans is something you don’t want to miss. It’s a 3-day event that showcases the best of the best for cocktails, seafood, live and family fun. This festival is the perfect back-to-school transition event because it doesn’t feel like you’re quite back into the swing of things. Well, you can thank New Orleans for hosting their annual Seafood Festival on this weekend to put your mind at ease while you chow down on some delicious plates.

For starters, let’s begin with the food!

Louisiana is known for its incredible food selection especially its seafood history. That’s why the Seafood Festival is so special and lasts 3 days. In order to celebrate this 3-day food festival, there will be a variety of vendors to provide their take on the seafood cuisine and favorite plates. Between oysters, crawfish, shrimp, lobster and more, your mouth will be watering from stand to stand.

The top vendors that will be celebrating at the festival are:

  • Acme Oyster and Seafood House is the go-to place for delis sandwiches and the famous po-boy. It’s been in business for nearly 100 years and is a place you can just pop in and grab a seat for a great meal.
  • Drago’s Seafood Restaurant is known for their original charbroiled oyster and Mama Ruth’s Gumbo. If that’s not satisfying to your taste buds, they have an extensive seafood menu.
  • The colorful Jacques-Imo’s Café is a popular spot for local and out-of-towners due to its lively atmosphere and delicious food. This café puts a spin on original cuisine such as deep fried roast beef po’boy and spiced up Cajun bouillabaisse.
  • The Red Fish Grill is more of a sit down lunch or dinner New Orleans dining spot. The seafood dominates the menu with classics and the design of the plate is eccentric.

To view a full list of vendors at the Seafood Festival, click here.

Throughout the festival there will be various musical performances that will make you get up and move. As well as events such as the Art Village and Cooking Pavilion. The Art Village allows you to view local art vendors works of art such as crafts, jewelry and textiles. The Cooking Pavilion will feature celebrity chefs, John Besh, Duke LoCicero, Mical Sichel and many more that will be putting on demonstrations of how they prepare and cook meals to perfection.

Come out this weekend for the Seafood Festival!

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