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Inventory and Order Fulfillment Portland


Trying to manage everything on your own is tough at times. Most companies decide to manage all of their own inventory, shipping and storage of their printed items on a daily basis. They try to deal with this along with everything else they have to deal with. Full-time hires are usually hired through companies to manage just that part of the business. Along with hiring someone, they have to set aside space for this inventory. This alone can cause many problems and a great sum of money for companies. DocuMart Portland is able to manage your inventory, storage and shipping fulfillments on a daily basis for a reasonable cost.


We handle everything for your company and do a great job at it. DocuMart Portland holds great inventory specialists to work with your inventory and products making sure they are safe and secure. On a daily basis we gather orders and kit them together to ship to your customers. It takes a good amount of concentration, correct information and handling for the products to get to the customers without any problems. We staff with great workers and a great program that allows us to make sure we handle each and every job correctly and to satisfy our customer’s specifications.


The best thing for your company to know is that we’re able to ship any amount of advertising or promotional items you’d like to customers and potential customers. This saves you the time going through boxes and organization purposes. Let us handle it and we’ll get your items and products shipped to your client’s door steps. We do it all!


DocuMart Portland believes that keeping it stationary and having your items and shipping needs in one place will save you a lot of time and money, by also making it less stressful. Things are meant to get confused and separated when working with multiple different places involving printing services, shipping services and storage. Allowing us to handle everything all in-store will only benefit your company. We will worry about the printing, storage, inventory and shipping, while you worry about your company. Everything is run on a schedule, so nothing is misplaced or late arriving to a customer’s mailbox.


When using DocuMart inventory and order fulfillment Portland services, you are dealing with one and only one service provider and representative. This representative is attentive to you and your company’s needs.


DocuMart Portland will handle your project from start to finish without any problems. If you’re not sure what way you want to go with your advertising or shipping needs, we can help with guiding you in the right direction. We try and fit your company up with the best way possible. From design or creating a piece, we do it all. Once a concept and idea is decided, we’re able to print that off on any spectrum or medium you’d want. We accommodate for your budget with the projects we help you on. Finally, we store your promotional and advertising items at any time you’d need them. We are a full service printing company in Portland and will show you how projects are worked on start to finish.


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