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Why You Should Incorporate Print into Your Marketing

With all of the tech-savvy products, most businesses are turning to all digital marketing and advertising platforms.
Although the digital platforms are taking over, print media still has a significant ROI for building brand awareness and sales. There is various print collateral to utilize for marketing material such as postcards, coupons, direct mail, and sometimes catalogs.
The one question that arises is, how can personalized print drive sales? The personalization steers the customer to the website and online store, which hopefully will turn into a sale. Having the combination of print and digital marketing is essential for a company, and here’s why print should be incorporated into your marketing plan.
Print makes for a memorable moment.
Everyone is used to receiving promotional emails and digital advertising through a hand held device. Although we dread the overstuffed mailbox, it’s nice to get a personalized letter or piece of mail. By incorporating the tactile experience of physically interacting with the piece of mail, the person receiving it can have a more memorable moment. From this experience they should be able to remember your brand, logo and what you offer.
Outreach can be larger.
Print media can have a larger outreach and audience opposed to email marketing. Why? Most jobs require you to sit at a desk all day and stare at a screen. After the work day, the last thing you want to do is stare a screen any longer. This gives those people the time to unwind and open mail the “old fashion” way. Having printed material will receive more attention, especially if they look unique.
Make it personalized.
We’ve all seen the emails that come through from our favorite stores for their weekly promotions. These emails are very creative, but how many people are they sending these out to? The use of printed media can be used to boost online interaction and sales.
Utilizing print media to your business advantage will help drive traffic to your site as well as develop new relationships with clients.
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