Graphic Design – Now it’s even more “Simple”


You supply the napkin. We’ll take it from there.

When inspiration comes, you’re not always somewhere convenient to capture the idea in the best possible way. After all, some of the worlds biggest ideas were hatched in diners, coffee shops and bars.
Southwest Airlines started on the back of cocktail napkin when a lawyer and banker thought there was money to be made making shorter, not longer flights. J.K. Rowling wrote the first ideas for the Harry Potter series on that back of a napkin while on a British Train. Mobile App “Bump” started on a napkin when David Lieb felt there had to be a better way to enter contact information into his phone than typing by hand. Today, the app has been downloaded over 130 million times. And there are countless artistic masterpieces that started as a doodle on the humble napkin.
So while the inspiration can come quickly, translating it to reality can take time and effort.  Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started. Bring us your napkins, we’ll take it from there.
Graphic Design – Now it’s even more “Simple”
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