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Everything is better in Color.

Full Color Printing Portland

Full color printing is available at Portland DocuMart and has a wide range of presses from small to large. The small starts from 1 and 2 color presses and larger starts from 4 to 6. Printer Portland has the right equipment to meet all your full color printing needs. The two types of full color printing are the traditional press printing and the newest, digital printing.


Color is very necessary to use in your work. Black and white seem to dominate the color wheel for business printing, but certain businesses need color to promote their ideas and concepts. There was a study done by Harris Interactive, who came across interesting facts about what color printing can provide.


-56 percent of people will print in full color to show a professional status

-25 percent believe that color persuades customers

-21 percent believe that color within a document saves time and effort for searching purposes, but 13 percent use the color to incite the reader and to take action

-76 percent of people say that they can identify information quicker with colored words

-69 percent understand concepts and ideas better

-Over half of the people who were surveyed said they would read more if color was incorporated

-43 percent said even highlighting numbers on a bill to pay would be helpful and make them more pro-active


Portland has many benefits to offer when printing materials in full color. Color brings items to life and is a great influencer and eye-grabber to customers. Businesses are able to do so much with full color printing Portland.


Offset Full Color Printing Portland

Offset Full Color Printing is the printer that prints large quantities and high qualities of: business cards, booklets, brochures, catalogs, banners, posters and vinyl graphics. Full color printing Portland also provides high quality stationary, in order to impact sales literature and custom packaging. Along with the high quality, special ink sets and vanish effects are used from 20 lb bonds to 36 pt boards, in order to deliver the best printing product.

Digital Full Color Printing Portland

Fast is our middle name. Our Digital Full Color Printing Portland is the quickest print job and quality print job at an affordable price. We can get the black and white documents to short run color brochures, catalogs, booklets and posters. Full color printing Portland has the capacity and capability to get it done quickly!


If you want the photos to pop off the page, our printers can add an overprint varnish to make this vision come to life. For a simpler approach, we can add texture to the picture with the “soft touch” coating. This will bring the graphics to life on paper.

Color Experts

We are color experts here at DocuMart Portland. The different projects done for your business or yourself, can be done in full color. What do you need printed in full color? We have what you need: posters, displays, catalogs, brochures, vinyl graphics and business cards.


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