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Event and Brand Experiences Using Signage

You’re at a big event and everything around you are some form of signage. Whether it be a banner or floor graphic, signs surround you in order to play an important role in today’s event communications strategy.

Different signage has a specific purpose and designated place. Why? Each sign will have an overall impact that will help your event achieve its goals and objectives. Using various signs throughout an event will transform meeting places into memorable brand and event experiences.

In order to prepare effective signage, here a couple steps to follow:

  • Determine the message: What is the message? Is there goal behind the message?
  • Needs & Opportunities: Evaluate these two items.
  • The design and production of the signage
  • Installation
  • Take-down and reuse plan of signage
  • Evaluate the outcome

The purpose of these steps are to gain attention from the attendees. How did they know about the event? Were they drawn in by advertisements hung above a store or was it at the checkout lane? Flowing the same design throughout the entire event with the created signage such as elevators, columns and floors will grab the attention in a unique way.

Identify the Space

Knowing the space you’re working with for the signage will have an overall better impact of the message or goal. If you’re not sure where you want to place the message, speaking with an on-site sign coordinator will benefit your event. When you speak with the on-site sign coordinator it’s best to see what signs will work within the space as well as your budget.

Creating the Memorable Event

When you’re creating the memorable signage for your event, you have to keep in mind it’s more than just a logo. The signs should reinforce some type of message that make the person think and hopefully respond. The right branding and signage combination will help your event sky rocket!

If you’re wanting to knock your next event out of the park using various signage, contact Documart Portland and we’ll be happy to help you with your campaign. Our printing Portland services will work with you to make the perfect signage and messaging for a dynamic duo at your next corporate event.

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