Documart Large Format Printing – What You Can Do and How to Get the Best Print
Promoting and branding your business is critical to your business. But understanding your options and knowing the type of printing you can use can help you break through the fog and know what options you have available to you. Here are some interesting ideas you can do here in New Orleans with large format printing.

White on Dark Background
Not too many printers can use light inks like white on dark backgrounds. Most printers can print an image on a white background though and if designed correctly, this can seem like white ink on colored background. Even so, if you take some time to find a signage company to print white on any background, you will stand out. As most printers can’t use white ink.

Print on a Unique Surface

Most people think of banners and posters when they think about large printing. But did you know that surfaces like aluminum, metal, acrylic and wood are surfaces that can take large format printing. It isn’t used all that often, hich is why it would be memorable.

Cloth Canvas

If you want your sign to look elegant and artistic, you might even want to consider printing on cloth canvas. You can frame your sign and this will make people stop and analyze whether it is a sign or a work of art.
Use Your wall space.
Use Wall Space
Look around. There is probably a lot of white wall space in your office and you might want to use it ias advertising. You can print some great posters, your timeline create your Logo and company name in an interesting way. You might even use wide format printing for your office door. Just think about the options and get creative. You can do wall murals, text on your door, window decal and much more.

Wide Format Printing on Magnets
Everyone loves a magnet. You can print a schedule on them, like the local basketball schedule and then have your name on it. People love cool magnets, so this offers a way of keeping your name around for a long time. Car magnets are also a great way to get people to see your brand.

Print Cutouts
Wide format printing also includes cutouts. So if you are a vets office you might want a cutout of a pet for your office advertising. If you are into real estate, you might have a cutout of a thumbs up or of a house. Most printers will have cutout samples you can choose from.

Cardboard cutouts and pop-up stands are interesting. They look 3D, so they give people standing from all areas a look at your advertising. Plus they can be positioned in anyway giving your office or store a new look.

A Showcase for Your Work
One of the best ways to use this type of printing is to showcase your work and tell your story to people who visit. You might do something like create a scene, pattern or a cool collage of your best work.

A lightbox
If your store or space has poor lighting, this type of advertising can help. You can print a banner and place it on a light box with lighting inside. This makes for a nice decorative touch in a store but also gives you some extra light.This is an ideal solution for warehouse space and such.

Escalator Advertising
Today, moving stairs are also used as ad space. some companies even use the space over the escalator to promote their brand with large printed posters. It really is super cool.

The Advantages
Large formats are practical and can help you expand your advertising far beyond the simple poster. They print on many things and some machines can even print on wood, fabric wallpaper, ceramic and even metal. Items made with these materials include:

Wall art
vehicle wraps
Art work
Cut Outs

In fact, if you can think of it, it can be designed and created with large format printing. This can help promote your business. Standard printers cannot do all that much, but a large professional large printing machine can be a game changer with your advertising campaigns.

You can either have a printer in your company or outsource your work and get your printing needs taken care of by a printing company.

Whatever your option, you must always keep in mind that images are powerful in advertising. Our minds convert words to images, so it makes sense that having an image already makes for a strong impression.

How to Choose The Right Printing Partner
When deciding on which printing company to work with you should always consider the quality of the print and of the materials.Keep in mind that the quality of the printing will reflect on your business. After all, the first impression people have of your business is through your business card, flyer or the poster they see outside.

Local or Online
Decide on whether you plan to have material printed locally or online. Usually online shops have a long-standing reputation. Even so, you will want to read a few reviews to see what other people say.
On the other hand, if you decide to go with a local shop, you may want to visit the shop in person. Being able to see their work will give you an idea of the type of project they can take on. Plus, when you visit the shop you can express your concerns and get any questions you might have answered.
It is always best to pay a little more to get higher quality prints. Often companies that give low prices offer a lower quality job. Remember low-cost printers also have a lot of work and so they don’t spend a lot of time checking their work. When thinking print shops in New Orleans, be sure to check out more than one printing business. This can give you a better idea of what you want and the quality and price of the work you have done.