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Let’s face it. It isn’t easy navigating the maze of postal regulations; and almost impossible to keep up with the changes surrounding direct mail. Doesn’t it seem like just when you get the hang of the latest changes, they change it again? But in spite of these challenges, and the advent of online marketing, direct mail still works. Print on paper continues to remain a very effective communications medium. Unlike commercial e-mail, almost two-thirds of standard mail is read or looked at*, and direct mail boasts a 4.4% response rate compared to email’s average of 0.12%.**

So let us help you make it simple. We’ll make sure your piece meets all the latest rules. We’ll manage your list, sort, address, insert, tab or seal your mailer and take care of all the postal paperwork.

If we print it, we can mail it!

* USA Today, 2/7/12
** Response Rate 2012 Report, The Direct Marketing Association

Direct Mail | Printing Company DocuMart

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