Do you like making sugar cookies? Christmas cookies are the best dessert to make because you can make them into snowmen, presents, or even angels! The best way to describe die cutting is a cookie cutter. Your next printing job might require a shape that is abnormal. Die cutting will allow you to go a little crazy with shapes but still demands precision and a clean printing job.


How does it work?

A blade is formed into a certain shape, we then use the shape to cut the paper, just like we would do with a sugar cookie. The die is embedded into a block of wood that is securely held in a die cutting press. The machine presses the paper against a metal plate cutting the shape into the printer.


Popular uses for die cutting.

Die cutting is seen in business cards, postcards, brochures and all personal stationary sets. The uses are limitless.


A great reason to use die cutting is because it adds personality to your paper. Do you run a coffee shop? Make your menu or brochures into a coffee cup! The applications are endless and it is fun to get creative with your print. The goal should be to catch your customers eye. What would make your company stand out from your competitors. If you’re wanting to leave an impression and memorable event in a customer’s head, die cut printing will do just the trick. This type of cutting can really make that ‘wow’ factor to your advertisements or invitations into the next level. Using the unique cuts and shapes, it attracts the eye from the interesting pieces. This will make it more interesting for the customer to read.


Smaller companies can’t be forgotten about for using die cut printing. Local companies or smaller companies need good promotional items for gaining new customers within the area. Die cut printing Portland services will help market a smaller company’s appearance.