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Die Cut Printing Portland


Die cut printing Portland services provides anything involving technical cuts more than just the straight edged cuts. This implies for door hangers in a hotel to promote privacy or on door-to-door neighborhood door knobs, in order to promote a business’s products and services. Some of the popular items we use die cut processes are for the door hangers, folders, brochures, notepads, and business cards with folders and invitations, with cut-out shapes into them. All of these items are used with our top of the line die cut printing Portland services. If you’re wanting to leave an impression and memorable event in a customer’s head, die cut printing will do just the trick.


This type of cutting can really make that ‘wow’ factor to your advertisements or invitations into the next level. Using the unique cuts and shapes, it attracts the eye from the interesting pieces. This will make it more interesting for the customer to read.


There are many ways to go about the die cutting products. We are able to create pieces with holes, rounded corners, points or any type of unique outlines and shapes. Any type of cutting you’d suggest or want to make for your project is possible. If you’re looking for a spectacular center piece to your showroom, our graphic designers and top of the line die cutting machines will really knock your project out of the park.


Die cut printing is a way to take your marketing material up a notch. It will make it different from the majority of marketing material out there because of the die cut printing. Switching up the size and shape of the marketing materials sent in the mail or given out in-store will make customers less likely to pitch it. This way of cutting will attract the customer’s eye and make them glance at it longer and more in-depth rather than a usual piece of marketing paper. Just by liking the piece, customers will more likely keep the piece rather than just throwing it away. People and everyone in this world today hate getting unwanted junk mail. If your business is able to jazz up those marketing materials and change the look from the rest of them, you could possibly have a great chance of gaining more clients and keep the current ones stay longer.


DocuMart Portland gives a few reasoning behind the die cut printing. There is a need for displaying a package or an item within the package. If door hangers are what you are in need of, you’re able to get the correct measurements in able to perfect the cut needed. A business card is a great item to use die cut printing for because no one really ever thinks to use it for this and it will make them stand out more. The person you’re most likely to hand a business card to will keep it due to the uniqueness and intricate cut design.


Smaller companies can’t be forgotten about for using die cut printing. Local companies or smaller companies need good promotional items for gaining new customers within the area. Die cut printing Portland services will help market a smaller company’s appearance.


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