What Are Some Current Uses For Custom Yard Signs?

  • Safety Signs – Business owners now have a need for signs that remind patrons to practice social distancing. Also, children in your neighborhood are spending more time outside these days so another possible design would be a sign that reminds drivers to slow down.
  • Graduations – A yard sign congratulating a high school or college graduate is a great way to advertise their accomplishment. Those participating in drive-by celebrations can admire the signage as they recognize the proud grad.
  • Birthdays – Especially when in-person celebrations are scaled back, a large birthday card on the front lawn can make someone’s day extra-special.
  • Sports Teams – As the country slowly reopens, sports teams are prepping for the upcoming season. Customers can show their support with a custom yard sign with the team’s logo or mascot.
  • Real Estate/Business Promotions – Real estate developers and agents can order a professionally-designed yard sign showing prospective buyers that a property is on the market. For those who want to advance their brand or promote a new product, make an impression on the target audience with a unique “business billboard.”
  • Seasonal Signage – Yard signs are an eye-catching way to post seasonal messages and commemorate favorite holidays.
  • Activism – With all of the movements happening, many slogans are becoming part of our vernacular. Encourage your customers to post their mantra on a custom-printed yard sign.
  • Politics – Elections are an important way for citizens to take part in their government or local committees. Yard signs in support of candidates or parties are a great solution.