When designing a vinyl banner there are a few points to be considering. Even if you are experienced in other forms of advertising there are some quick tips to remember when designing a banner!


First, your print needs to be big enough to see from a far distance. The point of a banner is to be seen from a further distance. Your banner content should be in a large readable print.


Second, the size of your text isn’t the only important thing, you also need to keep in mind the font and the weight of the font. When it comes to banners pick a bland, easy font to read from longer distances. If your banner text is too bold then the words will start to blend together. If your font is to skinny then it will be hard to tell what letters you are using.


Third, your message should be clean and to the point. The banner should explain what your company does or who you are. But your text content should be short, sweet, and simplistic. Think about what you want to achieve with your banner. Brand awareness? A certain product? Be clear and specific on the words that you choose to use.


Fourth, use high quality logos and graphics. Photos help grab attention and keep people looking at your vinyl banner longer. Make sure your image is a high quality and will be useful in reinforcing your message. Your picture will take up a lot of space so make sure it is speaking for you.


Fifth, make sure you remember your brand when creating your banner. Your banner should reflect your company. It would be smart to use your brand colors, also your logo needs to be on there, whether it’s the main image or smaller in the corner.


Sixth, think hard and long about where you are displaying your vinyl banner. This will make the design of the banner easier on you. If people are driving past your banner then the message would be short and clear. If people are going to be browsing by then you can add more content and more inviting colors.


DocuMart Salt Lake City would be more than happy to help you design and print your banner for you! You will find that DocuMart Salt Lake City has amazing quality when it comes to our banners. If you search around someone may say they can print it a tiny bit cheaper, but the image color and quality will be poor and it will not last. We can print on any material that is 1.75 inches in thickness or less. This can be a complete game changer when you are looking for the perfect advertising medium to reach your customers.