DocuMart Salt Lake City has been a leader in the catalog printing for years and understand concept, design, production and delivery that will fit your needs perfectly. There are many different printing options available as well as binding. The catalog printing professionals at DocuMart Salt Lake City have listed the most popular binding options for catalog printing:

Saddle Stitching

Probably the most common and economical binding method. Created by punching wire through the document’s outside spine, then bending the wire flat on the inside center fold to grip all the pages. It may provide a similar look, but is not the same as stapling.

Loop Stitched

Comparable to saddle stitching, but with a different effect. Loops are created with wire along the external spine in order to insert and secure the document into a 3-ring binder. Great option for information installments that can be added to larger collection.

Stab Stitched or Side Stitched

Stab or side stitching uses wire that is ?stabbed? into the front cover, through the inside pages and back cover of the document, instead of along the spine. Often covered to hide the wire.

Sewn Bound

Similar to saddle stitching, but uses thread instead of wire. The thread is stitched along the entire spine. As more pages are added it begins to closely resemble case binding, but without the hardcover.

Tape Bound

This method involves an adhesive tape being wrapped around the spine to hold the covers and inside pages in place. Usually, pages need to be stitched together prior to affixing the tape to reinforce and provide added strength.

Plastic Grip

This simple and easy method uses a molded 3-sided plastic spine. By prying apart the 2 vertical strips the entire document is guided through one end of the plastic grip until it covers the full length of the spine.

Comb Bound or Plastic Bound

An economical method suitable for manuals and books that need to lay flat when open. Using rectangular holes punched through the document, the plastic comb?s rings are threaded through holes. Page edges at spine are covered by a plastic comb.

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