Case Study: Eb5


The Opportunity

The cosmetics and skin care industry is highly competitive. Getting to market first (and fast) means greater market share and a higher probability of success. Trade shows are an important venue for gauging customer reaction and acceptance of new products. But when products are still in the development stage, it can get extremely expensive to manufacture small batches of product, and the packaging that goes with it for a rapidly approaching trade show.

The Solution

Working with the client, the DocuMart sales and design team got together to quickly create some custom packaging prototypes in a variety of configurations. Working backwards from the container to the product, dimensions were decided and some blank boxes were cut to test the package functionality. Once approved, the artwork was laid into the box template and samples were digitally printed before they were cut, scored and perfed on a digital router. Tabs were glued and the samples were now ready for the product to be inserted.

The Result

We were able to turn a process that normally takes weeks employing traditional methods into just a few days. The client was able to cost effectively produce packaging options quickly and effortlessly.