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The power of carbonless forms

Expiration dates apply to food and other products, but not carbonless forms. There are multiple occasions where carbonless form printing Colorado Springs is necessary. There is no better way than using this method for certain instances. What else would you want than to write something down once and have it transferred onto two forms for you to keep and the customers to possess?

Creating copies will be created in front of you without having to use ink other than from a pen. Another name referring to carbonless forms is NCR. This type of method will be the quick way to make copies on hand when with a client. Carbonless form printing Colorado Springs will be capable to make business transactions or receipts for a quote. Unlike the older types of carbonless forms, these are updated and are readily available to transfer without the carbon paper left over.
Carbonless form printing colorado springs

With being an accessible item able to make copies, they are also biodegradable and stain free for your business’s convenience. Some companies choose to have simple forms that are pink and yellow, while others customize them. You’re options with the carbonless form printing Colorado Springs is open to branding them with your logo along with an address, tagline or specific company color scheme.

What exactly does NCR stand for? It means No Carbon Required. Many people are curious as to how it is transferred such like the older version of the carbonless forms. The paper is coated with a transferrable substance that is able to transfer information from the front page to the other pages that follow. With the right amount of pressure, the carbonless form printing from DocuMart Colorado Springs will save you the hassle of hand writing a quote and sending it through the copy machine.

In order for the transferred information to work, there is a process. Each page has its own specialty enabling it to transfer the information onto the following page. The order is CB, CFB and it finishes with CF. The CB page is coated on the back of the page. Next, the middle sheets, CFB, are coated on both front and back of the pages. Lastly, the last bottom sheet, CF, is only coated on the front allowing the transferred information to end on that page. You’re allowed to have as many number of CFB pages between the front and bottom sheet. The most common number of CFB pages used are anywhere from one to six pages.

Our team at DocuMart Colorado Springs will supply all your carbonless form printing needs. We will assist you in any printing project and will accomplish the task from start to finish, providing you with a flawless design and end result. If you have any questions concerning the carbonless form printing Colorado Springs option, we will be more than happy to answer any of those questions and get you set up with the accurate solution for your business. We want you to spend every penny correctly with our services and we will do just that by providing cost efficient products for your projects.


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