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Using business cards is an important item when establishing a reputable and successful business. If you need successful and recognizable cards, we can provide that. Whether you have a card and need it redesigned or if you need to start fresh, we will provide you with cards that will impress your customers.


Portland’s business card printing services are designed by our qualified graphic designers. Our graphic designers work hard at every project they construct and will provide you with a business card that you’ll love. Our designers can take a simple layout and edit it to a full-scale branding support across all your branded media. If the business card printing service is what you start with, we can branch off of that and brand with full color prints, booklets, brochures, catalogs, banners, vinyl graphics, direct mail advertising and promotional item advertising.


A business card says a thousand words. Potential clients and customers will remember you and your business when you hand them a personalized business card. If you have a business card that represents you and your business well, it will be hard for clients not to remember who you are.


It doesn’t matter if you’re the best or worst business in town, the business card design can really distract people from thinking that. The card should represent the business as a whole and how the business carries itself. If you’re going for the professional look, a business card will help portray that image. Business cards make a business look professional, organized and prepared for any meeting or acquaintance.


The type of printer matters when getting the business cards printed. If you want a sharp looking business card with quality ink, it’s best to choose a business card printing Portland service. When using a lower resolution printer, the images and text aren’t as crisp and precise. We exceed the expectations of our customers.


Business cards are the last statement to make when meeting with a customer or new client. It makes a statement by leaving a lasting impression of who you are and who the business displays themselves as. You want to give the customer a strong trust and strong relationship in the business services that you offer them. Next time you want to make a lasting impression, think about what you’re going to hand them to send that message. Business card printing Portland is the choice to make.


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