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How to Market Your Business with a Brochure

brochure printing portland


Brochures work as a great advertising tool that most companies tend to lean towards. You can print out flyers, handouts, pamphlets, leaflets, collaterals and literature on your business in able to promote it and get the information out there. You’d think these printouts would add up, but with the correct method and brochure printing Portland, you’ll be able to print as much as you’d like at a low cost.


Having a brochure in hand with information on the services and products you offer is important to handout to customers. It is a great investment tool because it doesn’t cost much and it gets your brand noticed. The brochure printing Portland has many different arrangements as to how you can approach this with the information regarding your business:


Basic Fold / Bi-fold
Accordion Fold
Gate Fold
Map Fold
Parallel Fold
Poster Fold
Roll Fold
Exotic Fold


Designs aren’t necessary with the staff brochure printing Portland provides. Our printing services on handouts and brochures are done by our quality graphic designers and will beautifully display your business.


This is a very compact way of telling what your business provides for everyone else. You’re able to store a lot of information on paper and quickly hand it off to a customer or new client. Portland’s printing services for brochure printing will make it worth your while.


Brochure printing Portland is a great benefit to your business by spreading the word through a piece of paper. When creating a brochure, you’re able to mimic your business’s look, approach and message all by using graphics and text. You can provide us with a design already made up or we can help design a look from scratch.


Providing brochures for your business is a great way to advertise. They are so compact that you are able to travel with hundreds of them, while at the same time being small enough to fit in someone’s pocket or bag. You’ll be able to physically hand these out, place on an office front desk, under windshield wipers or even place into mailboxes. The possibilities are endless. Brochures are kept mostly by customers rather than a flyer or single piece of paper because of the sturdiness, shape and size.


The other great reason to brochure printing Portland is that we provide clients with great information that potential clients will understand with just looking at your brochure. The brochure will tell a potential client your services and products without having someone stand in front of them and explain everything. This will give the option to skim it or read it in more depth on their own time. This also will push all the information out to them without having to tell them everything and bug them of their time. Having brochures on hand will be able to target a certain group of people in Portland by sending out all the information in the size and design of a brochure or handout.


Once you have a finalized brochure, you can move onto other marketing tools such as full color prints, booklets, catalogs, posters, vinyl graphics and more promotional item advertising methods.


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