Salt Lake City, Utah- At DocuMart we will help you rebrand yourself. For starters you need a resume, business cards and stationary.


First send us your resume, we will help you design a logo for yourself if you would like. We will proof read and make sure the layout looks like it should.

Pick the type of paper (note: we suggest a cotton or linen paper). You want your resume to be printed on a thicker, sturdier paper but not card stock. Choose a color of paper, white and ivory are the most popular for a resume, but other options are off-white, cream, or gray. If you are applying for more of a creative job you could go further outside the box on your choice of color even though it isn’t traditional. The texture of the paper also plays into the equation. You could do a linen, laid, coated or shiny and uncoated.  We will print it and make sure it is the look you are going for. If you have questions about the type of paper just let us know! We will be happy to help !

Second, a personal business card with your logo on it is also important to have! This logo should be the same on that you put on your resume and stationary. Uniformity is key. Your business card should include your name, title (student, degree, or specialty), address (location), phone number, and email. Pick colors that go along with your logo but that also look professional. Do not overdue it.


Third, personal stationary set is also vital when sending thank you letters, or any important document that is coming from you personally. In your set, you need a letter card and envelope. Your stationary should have your address, your logo and your name on them.


Branding yourself is extremely important no matter what stage in your career you are in. Call DocuMart today so we can help rebrand you.