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The Experts on Booklet and Catalog Printing Portland

Booklet and Catalog Printing Portland


Do you need help getting your information out there to potential clients? The experts on booklet and catalog printing Portland are readily available to help you. We will get your business on the right track with the information you provide us with. Printing catalogs and booklets will allow your information to expand on your business’s products and services offered to clients. This will make it easier and provide more of an understanding for the client. Several booklets and catalogs have been made for companies already through the catalog printing Portland. The experience we provide is of quality and shows within our work. We can handle any job size. You are able to choose from a plethora of bindings available for your final product:


Comb Binding
Coil Binding
Twin Loop Wire Binding
Velvo Binding
Perfect Binding

Mailing lists are great to have for your business in able to send out the catalogs and booklets to customers. Having this list will allow catalog printing Portland to directly send out catalogs and booklets to customers and potential customers via direct mail service. If you don’t have a mailing list, no worries we can help you out with that. We are able to target any number of potential clients in your area of location at any time you’d need it.


If you need storage purposes after printing with catalog printing Portland, we are able to handle that as well. We can hold onto them and mail them out on a mass or individual basis to fulfill those orders. We can also serve your potential clients with a promotional start kit to make it more of a memorable experience.


Having a quality looking catalog from catalog printing Portland will only increase your sales. Choosing the wrong catalog printing service by a not so well-known company will hurt your business. Catalogs and booklets are based off of quality images, text and a grasp of the information all within a nice layout.


The quality of the images in the catalogs are important because using low or poor quality images won’t get your message or information across as strong. They are also less noticeable, if they are dull and not up to perfection. The full value of the product or service isn’t justified through the images by looking at the quality of them.


It’s important to take advantage of our catalog printing Portland services because it will only benefit your company, by making it easier for the customers to understand your business. When it comes to the layout, it’s best to be simple rather than complex. Customers will want to look at a well-done catalog, but not one that has too much information or clutter. It needs to be appealing to the eye with a great design and graphics.


Catalog printing Portland helps with every step of the process and interacts with you, so that you know what you’re getting as the end result. Ideas and concepts are all made up in our store with getting started to end product with printing it out. You tell us what you need done and how you’d like it done, and we’ll be sure to show you the way there.


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