Best Uses for Printed Banners:

Can a silly little rectangle made of vinyl fabric really improve your business? Without question. They deliver a live message to current clients and potential customers. They do it in a tangible manner that lasts. And a standard vinyl banner is not your only option. Let’s briefly introduce you to the different types of banners, and how they can be effective in several different arenas.

Standard Vinyl Banner- A standard vinyl banner is generally the go-to for business advertising. A custom vinyl banner is easy and quick to get printed, and it works exceptionally well indoors and outdoors. Vinyl material is thick and reliable. If displayed inside, one of these can last up to 10 years long. Outside, it is somewhat vulnerable to wind gusts, but even with that, one can still last up to three years.

Mesh Banner- A mesh banner is best for outdoor displays, as it’s designed to be more durable in extreme elements. The reason it’s the top choice for outside use is that its entire surface area has perforated holes throughout. It’s like a screen door that wind can pass through. This is its bonus over a standard vinyl banner. The drawback is that text and images don’t show as crisp because of those perforations.

Retractable Banner- If you’re a business owner who exhibits at a lot of expos, we strongly recommend this as the perfect banner for you. It is lightweight, all-inclusive, and is quick and easy to assemble. A retractable banner will give you many years of use.

Step & Repeat Banner- If you’re that same businessperson who often buys a booth at trade shows, this is another ideal banner. It’s a fantastic way to promote your brand, while at the same time being great for photo ops. The photos taken can gain you so much traction, as people will often post them on their social media pages.

Double Sided Banner- A double-sided banner gives you the opportunity to spread your message on both sides. People can see it from whichever direction they’re headed. With it, you can gain two times the revenue of a single-sided banner. It’s also exceptionally strong because it’s more than a quarter thicker than standard vinyl.

Canvas Banner- We’re mentioning this type of banner because we do produce them. But we want to be clear in that we don’t advise this type of banner for a low-level form of advertising. These are pristine banners that are meant to impress, not simply to get a quick sale. Canvas banners typically reside in locations like elite corporate offices and museums.