People enjoy receiving letters. Every day we have to walk to the mailbox to get our mail, and what is the first thing we do once we grab it? Check and see if our name is on anything besides bills. Direct mail can be the most important piece of your marketing strategy. Receiving a letter is way more personal than receiving an email. Here’s some reasons why direct mail should never die.


Personalize your Mail

Personalize your messages as much as possible. Do not limit this to just the envelope or introduction; insert the consumer’s name as often as is reasonable. Also, pictures (you, your staff, your trucks, etc.) help to make a personal connection with your consumer. This will help the person who receives your letter have a better image.


Direct Mail is an Open Field

Because so many companies are going towards email, it leaves direct mail as an almost completely open market. Why not take advantage of sending personal mail right to someones front door.


Digital and Direct Mail will Work Together

Direct mail isn’t going to win on its own, no channel will. But together, you can use direct mail to enhance your digital engagement. You could send generic mail to an email and a personal letter to a customers front door. This way they are receiving both messages but feel like your business is trying to reach only them.


Direct Mail for Everyone

Nearly half of all people over age 65 do not use the Internet at all. It is a daily gift, it is held, opened, and passed around – and not just by Baby Boomers. Checking letters is the only way they get information. Younger generations feel better about themselves when they receive letters direct only to them. Especially if that mail is not a bill!


Direct mail campaigns may be targeted to either a consumer or business market (or both).  In many cases, the mailing is directed to a target demographic or geographic market. In most cases, it’s mass or bulk mailing, but you can send direct mail in smaller quantities as well.