Pop Up Stores are a strong way to access harder to reach markets. Increasingly, people are more interested in the shopping experience than the actual shopping. You can use creative window signs to tap into new markets in new locations. Here are five important ways to get the most out of your pop up store.

Location is The Most Important Part

Where you choose your location can be the difference between success and failure of a pop up store. Nike and Comme Des Garcons pioneered the pop up store experience. They started in areas that were unknown or abandoned but you can bet they had good signage. Who knows if they used a same day banner printing service, but they got their banner printed somehow, and that’s the point.

Today, many pop up stores appear at those same inner-city places. The potential success of your location is often underestimated. Your location is the first step in communicating your insight into current trends, in addition to your willingness to think outside the box. Keeping your location unique and choosing a location that your competitors are not associated with appeals to the opinion makers and trend-setters. In addition, you can create a “moment of surprise” that will keep your target group focused on your brand even after your pop up event is over.


Make Your Store Interactive

Creative window signs will get your customers’ attention, but you’ll need to do more to close sales. Touching and holding products is still the best motivator for a purchase. Try to use creative displays and floor plans to encourage your customers to interact with the products. One way to do this might be to solicit thoughts and feedback. Get your customers engaged with your products and you’ll see your sales grow tremendously.


Use Your products to Create Relevance

Shoppers today are used to transparency and availability. Using the internet, they can get dozens of price comparisons for a product at a moment’s notice. in addition to on demand price comparisons, these online stores are 24/7, availability can seem unlimited to. Select and display your products to create a sense of urgency and relevance. Create limited editions of your product. That is, create products that are either in limited supply or only available at specific locations for specific times. By offering these time sensitive products you will encourage your customers to come by before the event is over. In addition to the sense of urgency these offerings will create, their limitation will make them comparable to collectors’ items.


Break Up the Monotony

Permanent stores for brands are characterized by their uniformity. They use the same interior designs and shop layouts. Their window signs are all the same as well. This has the advantage of building brand recognition, but fails to create awareness from the customers. You can take advantage of this by creating a strong contrast with your décor. Using unorthodox product carriers or displays will catch consumer attention. Use visually distinctive window signs to set your store apart.


Maximize Your Social Currency

The temporary nature of the pop up store lends itself to creating the kind of unique experiences that will set one apart from other businesses. In today’s world where everyone seems completely in the know about every new trend, knowing about or experiencing something before everyone else creates what can be called social currency. If your pop up store offers generous social currency you’ll draw in new customers in a short amount of time.