9 Reasons Why Direct Mail is a Perfect Choice for Your Company’s Advertising
43% of customers globally respond to direct mailing. This is according to a survey conducted by the Data & Marketing Association. Direct mail is a game-changer and still useful to any serious business despite the marketing landscape today largely relying on digitized marketing strategies.
If done correctly, direct mailing (advertising through mail) can help you reach your target audience and connect with them one on one. You can also use it along with your other channels to grab your customers’ attention and give your business a competitive advantage.

What is Direct Mailing?
This is a form of advertising where companies physically correspond to customers by sending printed promotional materials. These materials can be newsletters, catalogs, postcards, sales letters, or brochures. This type of advertising is often convenient as it allows you to reach your targeted audience and gives you the liberty to choose what you want them to read.
Ideally, this is a type of advertising every business wants to incorporate into their marketing strategy. But if you’re still juggling your mind on the idea, here are undeniable reasons why you should use mailing for marketing your business.

The Format is Familiar and Builds Trust Mailing service is one of the oldest communication techniques in many developed countries, and it isn’t going anywhere soon. While many people may be skeptical about other forms of digital messages, they remain receptive to mail messages to which they are familiar. Technically, most people are accustomed to mailing and have built trust over the years.
This helps develop a sense of security to help you reach a broader market. You can also leverage mail advertising to reach those who are not tech-savvy. After all, everybody wants to know the worth of products they intend to spend their money on.
Follow these guidelines to ensure your mail is effective and trustworthy.
Support your claims with credible information
Be keen to design details
Personalize every mail
Keep details open

It’s Less Common
Maybe a few businesses are using direct mail because it’s less common. Some marketers think it doesn’t work, but this isn’t the case – statistics have already suggested otherwise. Companies are more familiar with digital advertising, and they use it to scale their marketing efforts because it’s environment friendly and result-oriented than advertising mail campaigns.
Since many marketers have shifted to digital marketing, it is easier to get noticed in the mail advertising these days. It’s also expected that almost everybody will skim through their mail before discarding it. A creative, appealing piece in someone’s mailbox can attract attention better than some websites on Google.

It’s Cost-Effective
Another reason to use mailing is that it’s cost-effective. In the digital era, where almost everyone is investing significantly in digital marketing, it’s evident that mail advertising is the least expensive. Unlike other channels that require a lot of investment to make your brand visible, mailing allows you and your team to set a manageable marketing budget, enabling you to maximize profits.
Furthermore, you don’t have to struggle with unreasonable investments to put your product or service on the market. However, there are critical factors to consider when managing your cost of mail advertising, such as;
Your overall marketing budget
Your target audience
Printing costs
Copywriting expenses
Volume and distribution costs
Personalization and postage rates

It’s Highly Targeted
Direct mailing is a great way to utilize the consumer information available. With this advertising medium, you can get substantial data that include customer details of needs, preferences, age, and other demographics.
Finding the right information can give you a clue of the information to send to a particular group of people, allowing you to personalize the customer experience. To ensure that the advertising is more accurate and useful, you can segment your market according to location, preferences, income, hobbies, and business status.

It’s Interactive
Because mails get opened and read, it creates an interactive feeling. Furthermore, no one will get mails from their mailbox and just discard them to trash without checking their content. There is a high possibility that every person who receives your mail will open and even read it before deciding the next step. Meaning, most people will get your marketing message effectively than other platforms of advertising.
This gets even better if you include a coupon, promotional offer, or Call to Action that requires your customers to take any action with the mailer, like to bring it to your store; customers are likely to respond. People are more inclined to mailing advertising because;
It offers undivided attention
It’s tangible and interactive
It boosts brand awareness
There is no as much competition

It’s Romantic
Direct mailing creates a more romantic experience than reading Google mails. Who doesn’t enjoy reading mails anyway? Like candlelit dinners and hot baths, mails have been romanticized in today’s culture. The excitement of receiving a handwritten letter at your doorstep is indescribable.
And it is less often that this happens all the time. The chances are high you’ll open it and read every word. It’s not only you who enjoy reading mails; 73 percent of people confirmed they love getting letters as an advertising tool.
More interestingly, about 59 percent of American consumers say they love receiving direct mails from companies, especially when they come from a customer’s trusted brand. Ultimately, many people enjoy getting direct mails because it’s a sign of care and can brighten someone’s day.

Simple Execution
Unlike the other platforms of digital advertising, direct mailing requires less technical investment. Managing digital marketing is quite challenging and expensive because you need to understand technical procedures or pay experts to do the job. This might cost lots of resources and money to reach your customers.
But with mailing, you only need to design your mails and send them to your targeted audience; no need for optimization or other technical processes. Moreover, mailing gives you a chance to connect with your intended customers, represent your brand physically, and even track your marketing campaign the best way possible.

It’s Tangible and Personal
Mail advertising is tangible, and it creates a personal relationship between brands and their customers. Furthermore, most people prefer tangible information to digital marketing. It is the same reason why people still read newspapers than using e-readers. This is evident that many people still value and trust tangible kinds of information more than online information.
Creative brands will add a customized touch such as a signature or a handwritten note to trigger a more emotional response. Additionally, physical mails are to store than online advertisements; the card can be stored in your wallet, put on a shelf, or pin it on your fridge door as a reminder.

It Supports Other Marketing Efforts
When it comes to marketing your business, diversity is the key. Direct mailing allows your brand to diversify your marketing campaigns by supporting other marketing channels. Developing cohesive advertising that incorporates traditional and digital approaches helps appreciate market dynamics, increase awareness and reach many customers. It can also be an avenue to attract prospects and customers who may prefer more diversified and established marketing venues.

Although marketing is significantly diversifying to other channels, direct mailing remains effective and can make your business stand out. The affordability, user-friendliness, effectiveness, and flexibility of this form of advertising can allow any business to create comprehensive marketing campaigns. Furthermore, there are many other reasons mailing is the best choice for your business advertising. Always be sure to be brief, creative, and personalize your mails to grab attention of your target audience.