vinyl banner design tends to be tamer compared to other print materials since it is normally used for displaying your logo or making announcement. Nonetheless, it can be used to come up with compelling ads that draw attention to what your business has to offer.

Creating a stunning vinyl banner design involves a lot of factors. Marketers would want their large format ads to get their message across even when people just glanced at them. This can be achieved by following the steps below.

Conduct a market research

Understand your target market’s perception about your brand, in particular their expectations and disappointments about your product or service. You can start by searching for online reviews related to your business and find out what gets people talking. Also, gather information about how your competitors create their vinyl banner design to have an idea of what you’re up against.

Come up with design that appeals to your target audience

Using the data you have acquired through research, come up with a copy or a visual that would appeal to them and not to you. Use a tone, manner, and style that they would find comfortable reading. Think about the things that they like and make a list of all possible creative designs for your vinyl banner. Remember that there are three kind of audience:

Consumer – the one who uses the product
Purchaser – the one who shells out money to buy the product
Influencer – someone or something that creates or demands a need for your product

The consumer, purchaser, and influencer can all be the same person or can be different persons. For example, if the product is a brand of crayons, the users will be children, the purchasers are the parents and the influencer can be teachers, schools, classmates etc. On the other hand, a single person can be the consumer, purchaser, and the influencer for a mobile phone brand.

Deliver a single message

Imagine someone asks you to catch marbles and throws you a handful at once – there is a great chance that you won’t even catch one because your attention is set to the different marbles coming at you.

Therefore, your vinyl banner must talk about a single message so your audience would “catch” what it is trying to say. This can be your unique selling point, a message for your competitors, an innovation recently made for your product – it can be anything about your business.

Formulate a concept

Establish how you want your idea to be presented by selecting which among the three would work best for your brand based on your market research:

Copy only – only a text element is present
Visual only – only a picture or an image that depicts a message
Copy and Visual – Image, picture or a scenario and a text element are present

Roll out tests

To ensure that your vinyl banner design will get noticed, run your concept with people from your company and bounce ideas off each other to decide the elements that will be kept and replaced.

A more comprehensive but complicated way of determining the effectiveness of your vinyl banner design is to conduct case studies. By gathering people from your target market and asking them questions about your ad and business, you get much more accurate answers on what you need to do to get a higher response rate from your ads.

From the results drawn in these tests, refine and make the necessary adjustments before putting the final touches on your ad.

Create the design

If you have little or no design skills at all, then you will need professional Design Services to get the job done. However, if you plan to create your vinyl banner design on your own, make sure that the end product must match your concept, if not exceed it.