Direct Mail
Whether you run your business online, from your home or from an office, direct mail is a viable advertising solution. Many think that because of the popularity of online business, that direct mail is outdated.The opposite is true. Here’s why. It makes you stand out as a company. Direct mail allows you to personalize and showcase yourself. You won’t get lost as a piece of cyber space junk where you have to spend many labor hours and big bucks to get discovered.

This method is just as cost effective than some digital forms of advertisement. You stay in control of how much you advertise and what type of advertisement you use. There’s nothing like having a brochure or postcard in bold color to get your company straight to the mailboxes of your target market.

Mail is something your customers are used to. There are no popup ads to annoy your customer that’s not wanting to look at an advertisement while reading a blog or watching a video. The mail piece that showcases your business will have gone to a person at a time that they collect and read their mail.

For example, while having coffee or relaxing, they’re focused on the mail. Therefor, you’ll be in front of them when they can pay attention rather than clicking off your ad. You could take advantage of the isolation period. People love to get mail most days but especially now.

The response rate is much higher than email. This happens because online ads have an issue with response. When someone receives mail, they’ll make up their minds in an instant whether or not they want it. So, make it bold and catchy. Secure yourself a copywriter to do that for you!

This method of advertisement takes the least amount of setup and technical resources. No equipment or tech knowledge needed and no expensive ‘tech guy’ to get it done for a price. Just simple design and execution. People love newspapers and paperback books too. This is a tangible joy that is still popular.

Bottom line, this mail services is the best form of advertising on a budget and for the best efficacy. There’s nothing to lose in trying. In fact, you have everything to save–like money! Put it in your budget for 3 months and see what happens.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a clean way to get the job done by using digital typesetting. No plates, no extra charges. This is what digitization has brought to business for decades, and take advantage of the cost effectiveness of digital printing. Larger quantities may need a quote but bulk for certain projects may be best, but you’ll reap many benefits.

What Can you Use Digital Printing For?

Here are the benefits:

The turn around time is fast. As we mentioned there’s no real physical set up that costs the company a deep overhead. Once received and confirmed, printing and fulfillment is moments away.

Customization for each piece is available. That means more uniqueness for your business to shine! Know your target market and you’re well on your way to designing the perfect campaign to target them and attract their attention.

They can print more materials on with digital printing rather than the less versatile analog methods. Meaning, you can choose any material from ceramic mugs to tee shirts to pens and much more. Some brands call for the more delicate materials to stress the class in the brand.

Ink color is a major issue with analog methods. Digital methods are limitless. You have so much space to be your creative self. It’s never good to limit expression of your brand because an extra color isn’t available or goes over your budget.

The proof cycle is shorter so if you want to see what your finished product may look like, that means you’ll be able to do that quicker so you can make changes and get the finished product out that much quicker.

Event Printing

Entering the world of the trade shows or conferences means you must bring your best game to the table. Even if you’re the only one in your industry there, you must stand out and in a good way. It’s better to stand out because you’re bold and attention getting rather than the one who has a dull, bare bones booth.

When a trade show or conference is busy, it’s easy to get washed out and overlooked. An overhead, standing or table cloth style banner with branding will help, but here’s what must go with it. Once those things get them to the booth, you need them to walk away with something.

That’s where the branded giveaways come in. The one most important tip is knowing which printed promotional material suited your brand and target. For example: find out what your target is most likely to use because that will ensure they’ll have the promo object for months or even years to come and your brand will stay in their mind. Are you a publisher? A branded pen or notebook will do best. Determine what the best giveaway is and then look for what you can get on your budget.

Another great idea is having a giveaway raffle at your booth. You capture customer information like an email or business card and they get the chance to win a product or service. In addition, your branded giveaways will be in the bundle. You can do the same just for getting them on your mailing list.

Create other types of material like signs, pricing and product description plaques. People talk about the best looking and most colorful and engaging booth at the show. Coupled with your shining personality and you’re good to go! Bottom-line. Printed giveaways keep you on their mind and in your pocket!