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USA: Olympic Training Center

The past two weeks the entire world had their eyes glued to their TVs watching the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. It’s one of the most talked about sporting events over a 17-day competition. Although there were various competitions, it’s no surprise that the US took away the most medals.
The USA took first place for the Summer Olympic Games in Rio for 2016 with a whopping 121 medals compared to the second place winner China with only 70 medals. Overall the USA had 46 gold medals and we all know some of the top performers. Those top performers consisted of legend swimmers, Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky, and Ryan Murphy, and the rookie gymnast, Simone Biles. We can say that the USA owned their categories and sporting events while being the humblest athletes after their competition was over.
Since the 2016 Summer Olympics had their closing ceremonies last night, Colorado Springs wants to continue the celebration and training in their US Olympic Training Center. Colorado Springs is the home to many athletes and coaches as they train for the next Olympic Games.
The facility was a former home to ENT Air Force Base and it became USOC administrative headquarters in July of 1978. The Olympic Training Center provides housing, dining, recreational facilities, and other services that can host up to almost 600 coaches and athletes.
There are thousands of people who visit the Olympic Training Center throughout the year either for tours, training or specific recreational facilities. The tours are an all-year type deal that runs Monday through Saturday. The summer tour hours are over, but Fall and Winter tour hours just started on August 16 and will run through May 31.
The tour consists of:

  • 12-minute inspirational film
  • 45-minute outdoor walking tour of the complex
  • Facilities include weightlifting, wrestling, Aquatics and sports center gymnasiums

Visitors are also welcomed to visit the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame Rotunda, the shop and art exhibitions that are found throughout the Olympic Visitor Center.
Tour hours are Monday through Saturday beginning at 9 AM with the last tour departing at 4 PM.
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