Looking for more ways to communicate your message to your customers? A vinyl floor graphic is the ideal tool to get your message noticed.


Vinyl floor graphics are an incredible marketing communication tool and excellent way to enhance your business. With the right design, floor graphics can help your business stand out from the competition, increase your customer flow and turnover immensely, They will do this while re-enforcing your brand identity to keep customers coming back time after time.


Designed to increase sales, control customer flow or trigger a call to action. The applications are endless.


Floor graphics can direct traffic to certain products in your store. They could also direct a line of traffic at an event or trade show! Your graphic will literally stop customers in their tracks!


Use floor graphics to brand your business, use the color and fonts of the rest of your branding to keep the flow. A logo, motto or mission statement are captivating messages that are also used to build your brand.


Made from a premium vinyl material, floor graphics decals are made with a special adhesive that is designed to adhere to floor surface yet are removable leaving little or no glue residue.


DocuMart Portland has designers ready to create the perfect floor graphic for your company or for your personal use! Keep your designs in our portal system to reprint whenever you need. We promise that what is printed will be exactly what you have designed. Call us for a quote and to start designing your perfect vinyl floor graphic