Direct Mail is important in a variety of industries but in the restaurant market, especially so. In 2017, restaurant industry sales are expected to reach $799 billion dollars. Enticing customers to come into your establishment and not the spot up the street is crucial and direct mail can help. Direct Mailing Center writer, Elizabeth Crane, put together 8 great ideas to help your restaurant direct mail campaign.

1. Magnets Make Terrific Marketing Materials and They are Useful to Customers

One of the best ideas for restaurant direct mail is to send out customized magnets with your restaurant information on them. This will help everyone remember your company phone number and address. This is a useful gift that many recipients will appreciate and put right up on their refrigerator. This keeps your name in their thoughts and your logo in plain sight.

2. An Unusual Graphic Design Will Set Your Materials Apart

The graphic design used is important. This is one of the ideas for restaurant direct mail that many people overlook. Use a graphic designer to help create materials that are different and unusual in some way so that your mail does not blend in with all of the other pieces that the recipient may receive.

3. Target Specific Groups in Your Areas like Seniors or College Students

Some great ideas for restaurant direct mail include evaluating any specific groups and populations in the area and then targeting these groups with your direct mail campaign. Are there many senior citizens in your area, or numerous college students? Look at the targeted groups and create mail that resonates with them.

4. Give Your Recipients a Great Deal in Your Direct Mail

Top ideas for restaurant direct mail include offering your recipients a great deal because the graphic design will only get you so far. Few consumers can turn down a great deal. If your mail includes an offer they can’t refuse, your response rates should be much higher as a result. A better response means more interest and potentially higher profits for your establishment.

5. Use Direct Mail to Offer Deep Discounts on New Menu Items You Offer

Deep discounts can be good ideas for restaurant direct mail, especially if you have new items on your menu that you want to try out on the public. Include photos of these menu items in your graphic design, and offer the recipient a steep discount to come in and try out your establishment and see what they think of your new food.

6. Bring back your past Customers

Always be sure to include past customers with your restaurant direct mail. Entice them with new menu items or give them a special coupon for returning customers. Whenever possible get contact information for your diners.

7. Shape and Size Matters

The restaurant business is extremely competitive. Your restaurant direct mail can easily be one of several delivered to your database. To make your piece stand out, go large.

Another option is to have your piece be in an unusual shape. Die cutting allows you to use all kinds of different shapes and cutouts. A mailer in the shape of a hamburger will stand out. If your specialty is steaks think about a T-bone shape. The possibilities are endless.

8. Entice them with Scrumptious Images

Nothing says delicious more than an image of a mouthwatering menu item. Use a professional food photographer for your restaurant direct mail. It will be worth every penny.

Restaurants are big business and the billion-dollar revenue stated above proves that. Whether you are a gigantic chain of restaurants or a mom and pop business you can improve your bottom line with restaurant direct mail.

These tips are great and will certainly benefit your direct mail marketing efforts!
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