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Direct Mail Marketing Portland- 4 Reasons For Effectiveness

Many businesses spend a lot of time and money sending out mass emails that no one ever clicks on or opens. Larger companies have moved toward direct mail marketing, which the technology has changed tremendously. With direct mail marketing Portland services, your business can slow down on the emails and utilize this service to get leads to visit your website or help customers purchase a particular item.
Here are four reasons as to why your business should incorporate direct mail marketing.
Email Overload
Emails can become your worst enemy especially if you have to read yours every day for work to communicate with clients. How many emails do you receive a day? Do you read all of them? On an average, we don’t fully read the emails or just disregard them.
Most people won’t sort through their mailboxes, making it impossible to target a customer through email. Opposed to email, people are checking their mail on a daily basis. The real competition lies within the standard mailbox, and that’s where you should be targeting your customers.
Company Personal Touch
Having a sales piece within a mailbox needs to stick out from the competition. Putting your own personal touch onto the piece from door to door will reach your prospect clientele. While other companies are trying to get customers to read their emails, emails don’t display any personal touch. Something that comes in the mail with your name on it and gets them thinking is the way to the right track. Direct mail marketing Portland allows you to sit down with the customer and explain what they’ve received in the mail while it’s still in their hands.
With the hacking sensation, people are leaning towards secured information online less and less; which includes emails. Email limits you to personalize the message to the customer, but direct mail allows your business to reach the customer with various coupons and other papers without the bells and whistles. Customers are more bound to trust your direct mail sales piece rather than a suspiciously fancy email.
Delivery Method
Sending direct mail has more opportunity to be more impressive rather than simple and bland such as an email format. For example, during the holidays, personalize your postcards and mailing items accordingly to the holiday traditions and color schemes because most likely it will grab the customer’s attention, and they’d be less likely to toss it right away.
Building these techniques into your mailing material will be worth opening. Try using a unique font or pattern that could grab attention, along with a real stamp instead of the indicia. Including a freebie within the envelope or package is another great way to trigger the customers’ thoughts.
Using direct mail marketing Portland service, we’ll make sure you stand out from your competition and the other inbox mailing material.
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